The Wander group of companies manages extensive commercial real estate holdings in the Munich metro area for itself and on behalf of investors. Principal locations are Planegg, Martinsried, Gräfelfing, Neuried, Puchheim, Maisach and Gelting-Geretsried. Based on these activities, we continuously have access to office, lab, warehouse, production, service and exhibition space ranging in size from 50 m² to 10,000 m², both in our own properties and within our network.

For current listings, please see our „Flächenupdate aktuell“ publication (in German).

Our project development activities also give us access to vacant existing properties and to land available for development, of course. To help us serve you best, please contact us at kontakt@wander-immobilien.de with your rental inquiry. Alternatively, you can reach us by phone at +49 (0)89 85 89 63 0.







Project Gallardo

Area: approx. 7,350 m²
Uses: Office, lab, production
Location: Gräfelfing

Project S5

Area: approx. 4,000 m²
Uses: Office, lab, warehouse, production
Location: Planegg

Project Tech-Forum Gelting

Area: approx. 3,500 m²
Uses: Office, warehouse, service, test labs 
Location: Gelting-Geretsried

Dachau Fitness and
Wellness Center

Area: approx. 3,800 m²
Uses: Wellness, fitness 
Location: Dachau


Development of the Planegg, Gräfelfing and Martinsried locations:

The Planegg – Martinsried – Gräfelfing cluster of locations has developed into a high-quality service and production site since the mid-1990s. Today, this area is among Europe’s leading biotechnology and medical technology clusters and is also a preferred office location. The Wander group of companies has played a major role in supporting this development as an investor and service provider by building more than 300,000 m² of multifunctional office, lab, production, exhibition and warehouse space.


Determination and strength of purpose, expertise, responsibility, dependability and a unique store of experience – those are the bedrock values of the Wander group of companies. The Wander group of companies started out with the founding of a commercial firm specializing in office furniture and office equipment in 1974.
Ten years later, the original office furniture business was integrated into mw bueroplanung GmbH, which still exists today. Then, starting in 1985, Manfred Wander made additional investments in development of commercial real estate throughout Germany, eventually coming to focus on the southwest of Munich and the Planegg-Martinsried-Gräfelfing biotech and medical technology cluster as one of the main areas of activity. Over the past 30 years, the Wander group of companies has succeeded in developing real estate with total area of over 500,000 m² and forging a large number of long-term partnerships.
Today, the Wander group of companies primarily encompasses the business fields of commercial real estate project development, office furnishings, real estate industry services such as property management, custodial service, sales services and turnkey commercial construction as well as construction of high-end vacation homes in the local style in the Istria region of Croatia.

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Maximilian Wander


Manfred Wander